HSFA Aims & Objectives

The aims of the HSF Association are threefold:

  • To coordinate a network of comrades with similar experiences.
  • To represent and support HSF veterans.
  • To introduce and educate newcomers and others to HSF history and to The Association.

The HSF Association Flag

The Chairman’s Key Issues for 2012/13 are :

  1. To constantly work towards improvement wherever that takes us.
  2. To adapt and survive, maximizing our circle of members.
  3. To celebrate and measure our achievements with  a website, newsletters and events.
  4. To raise and maintain the profile of the memory of the HSF and its role.
  5. To reach out to  Regimental/Corps Associations pertinent to the 1982-92 period, offering partnership rather than rivalry, offering help to local HSF Associations in their support to their “Cap Badges“.
  6. To reach out to current Regimental and Corps Headquarters offering support, comradeship and discussion. RHQs have a very busy agenda dealing with current issues and cannot be expected to have clear memories of historical Territorial activity.
  7. To remember and remind people, that the very nature of HSF recruitment was that its personnel had (and still) have divided loyalties; The Cap Badge they wore before joining the HSF, the Cap Badge they wore during 1982-92, and, in some cases, the Cap Badge they wore afterwards.  While highly competitiveness is in the very nature of servicemen & women,  HSF personnel were a select few who demonstrated effectiveness, initiative and loyalty, managing to address many differing pressures with diplomacy and guile.
  8. To react to the increasing recognition of veterans, and their activities, now being given by the military in UK, in light of the valuable link they play between the military and the community at large.  The HSF is unique in that as a category of reserve commitment, and  operating in separate subunits, its Veterans Association and Groups offer broad experiences unlike any other.

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