HSFA Archives

The HSFA Archives are held in the William Salt Library in Stafford.

Photo of the William Salt Library

The William Salt Library

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The archives currently mostly hold all documents relating to the HSF Grove Project at the NMA.

A great debt of gratitude is owed to Maj (Retd) Guy Cockerton, former Vice President, who set this up and also helped steer the HSFG Project.

Project group members:

  • Maj (Retd) David Edge – Shropshire (RAOC/QOMY) – Chairman
  • Brian Turner – Shropshire (RAOC/QOMY)
  • Clive Swatton – Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire (Royal Anglian)
  • Bob White – Shropshire (RAOC/QOMY)
  • Maj (Retd) Guy Cockerton – Shropshire (RAOC/QOMY)

There is no doubt that the initiative and hard work shown by these gentlemen in grasping an opportunity when it came their way, cementing a firm relationship with the NMA staff, presenting the proposition to The HSF Association persuading Unit Members and Regiments and Corps to contribute to its creation, and finally driving it through was a tremendous achievement.

The HSF Association, thanks to this group of hard working volunteers, has a firm and visible base in the centre of Great Britain, which is now the focus of Home Service Force memory as far away as Cornwall, Kent, The Orkneys, The Isle of Man and South Wales; and the safe territory in between.  

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen.

The HSF Crest on top of the Plinth at The HSF Grove