MOD & Regimental/Corps Links

Government Links

This page lists websites run by Her Majesty’s Government which may prove useful.

  • The Ministry of Defence and
  • Other Government Departments, Agencies and service.
  1. It is worth having a look at Wikipedia , quoting the formation you are interested in. It’s not always right, so check.
  2. British Army formation histories have also been listed in Doctor Wienand Drenth’s homepages which are some years old now and errors may not have been corrected.

MOD website

  • All current Army Regiment & Corps websites can be found here, and some Regimental Associations. Also RN, RM and RAF formations.
  • It is easier and simpler to quote this one website than to try and keep up with constant change.

MOD website for Veterans

  • Information about veterans’ service records
  • Information about medals
  • Information about service pensions
  • …and much more

Unofficial & Private Websites

  • The websites below are displayed for your information and it is assumed that through them you might be able to learn more about the Service, Regiment or Corps portrayed. We hope that they are up to date. 
  • We cannot take responsibility for the quality or accuracy of the information displayed on these websites.
  • If you find an omission or error please contact the administrator of that website.
  • If you find a relevant website, not listed below, please ask us to include it here. 
The following two websites have been created by Dr.Weinand Drenth
The first appears to be a new one historical information about european armies. The second lists the British Army until 2000.
For now, the following unofficial  Regimental & Corps links must be cut and pasted once you have opened your search engine (separately).   As time allows we will enable them, so you can click on them to access the websites. 

if anything is missing, please tell us.

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