The HSF Association website

This website is a project.

It is the third generation of website for this association, and like its predecessor has been compiled with dedication, hard work and sacrifice, all for free.

If the webmaster keeps going, every thing is fine, but if he/she cannot, a replacement, or a group of replacements will be necessary.

It is therefore intended to grant “permissions” to delegates, so they can learn how to add, delete,  amend and improve, not only material and images, but also layout, style and hyperlinks.

The website project has a budget, agreed at AGM. Improved technology has meant that this website comes free to use, with $18 per year charged to “tweak” the URL, to simplify it, for ease of recognition and to more easily remembered. More costly “Themes” are available on this platform, but at this stage, not considered necessary.

The previous websites failed largely because the technology used became surpassed by newer technology and the daunting task of transfer or conversion was too odious. The structure of this website is completely different to its predecessor and this is why transferred material appears in different places.