Unit Pages

This page carries a link to HSFA Unit pages, possibly via Regional, Regimental or Corps pages.

…………………..use the drop down menu option “Members Portal …and enter (the password has been removed)

It will list all current HSFA Veterans Units (Branches/Associations) in England Scotland and Wales.

Some such Units have effectively been disbanded, but the members remain in contact. It is recognised that veterans may have moved far away from where they served in the HSF and that an annual reunion for some Units may be unreasonable to expect.

It is recognised that Unit committees, perhaps not, at the time, having access to the internet and email, may have decided to disband, but their members may wish to make contact with the HSFA . This is welcomed.

The expected average age of HSF veterans (in 2012) makes it likely that many have no direct access to the internet or email, have resisted it, or illness may have changed their priorities. The support of neighbouring HSFA Units, Regimental/Corps Association Branches and/or RHQs is vital in assisting us to maintain contact.

We believe that for those in advancing years, having a friend , even at distance, who will contact you and share information can be stimulating and good for personal well-being. The military, even now, encourages, and relies upon, self-reliance, but when that becomes difficult, organisations such as the HSFA can be valuable to individuals wherever they are.

It will also show the locations of individuals, where there is no active HSFA Unit,  and who may not wish to be named, but would be prepared to accept communication from former comrades, perhaps with the intention of forming a Unit.

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