This page lists those who have served with the HSF who have passed away.

No information should be published without the permission of the deceased’s family or Next Of Kin. Such permission should be witnessed or given in writing. Inaccuracies, mistakes or typing errors can all constitute serious disrespect and embarrassment, and should be avoided at all costs.

Details will be published in alphabetical order preferably showing:

  • Surname, and forenames.
  • Army/Service Number (if known)
  • Nicknames or aliases (if any)
  • Date of death, as accurate as possible. (if known).
  • date of birth, as accurate as possible (if known)
  • Age at death (if known).
  • Location of  death (if known). [neighbourhood only]
  • Location of residence at death. [neighbourhood only]
  • Next of kin name and contact details (only if desired)
  • A single image where possible. Nowadays it is possible to extract an image from an old photograph.
  • HSF Formation (Troop/Platoon, Battery/Squadron/Company and Regiment/Battalion) that he/she served in.
  • The TA centre where he/she was based and whether a remote detachment.
  • Highest Rank achieved in the HSF.
  • Known details of previous service in the British Armed Forces, or elsewhere, with highest ranks achieved.
  • Highest Rank achieved in the British Armed Forces.
  • Notable military, public or voluntary positions or memberships held.
  • Medals, decorations and /or relevant qualifications
  • Any images of mourners at a Funeral, Wake or Memorial Service relevant to that person.
  • Memorable sayings or mottos associated with that person.
  • Memorable occasions or stories associated with that person.


  • Unit comrades are usually emotionally involved with each other and with the deceased’s family or next of kin. Units should therefore appoint one person to approach the family with the main purpose of obtaining the information listed above. The amount of detail obtained should be decided by The Unit, but bearing in mind that there is often once chance only to obtain such information. Details should be written down and/or copies of documents obtained. Any photographs should also be copied where possible.  Photographs sent by post to the HSFA will be returned where possible, but the HSFA cannot accept responsibility for any damage or distortion. Neither can the HSFA accept any responsibility for the quality of an image displayed on this website. Approaches to the deceased’s family or loved ones, may be carried out before,  or months after, the funeral ceremony, depending upon family reaction. An invitation to a Unit gathering is usually accepted by family members who are likely to welcome any copies of images of he deceased whilst serving. There will be stories to share.
  • Unless managed by the Unit, The HSFA will attempt to pass notice of the death to any Regiment or Corps Association in which the deceased also served, for their records and for the attention of comrades who may have known him/her.

The deceased’s former Unit should take responsibility for accuracy and whether the information is published or not. The HSFA will assist where possible and this may involve the involvement of the Regiments or Corps whose cap badge was worn by the deceased’s Unit. Retired Officers, NRPS and soldiers may be in possession of relevant information. Some information may be difficult to access initially, so the pages can be added to in future.

In all cases, the HSFA Padre should be consulted before publication .

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