The HSF Colonels

The Home Service Force Colonels:

One to raise it, one to maintain it, and one to disband it!

  • Colonel Griffiths:     1982 – 1986

  • Colonel Taylor:         1986 – 1990

  • Colonel Beatty:          1990 – 1992 

The three Colonels at the dedication of The HSF Grove, 2005

The Colonels were Territorial Army Staff Officers who had commanded a Regiment or Battalion, and then on promotion from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel  probably held a senior post in a local administrative Brigade or Division, before being offered this post at national level.

They provided a much-needed link between national high command and local Brigades and Regiments/Battalions on HSF matters, involving visiting HSF batteries, Squadrons and Companies in the field at weekend training or annual camps, and also in TA Centres/Barracks.

Colonel Mike Taylor is currently our President.

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