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We will try to maintain links to useful regimental, corps, veterans’ association and charity websites.

We also promote websites or social media sites set up by our Unit Branches

and websites which include accounts of HSF history around the country. These Unit Branches are listed here by County/Region/District:

  • Norfolk
  • Bristol & Somerset
  • R.Berkshire, Nth. Wilts and Sth. Hants  (Wessex)
  • Lincolnshire
  • Worcestershire

We also hope to maintain links with the websites of organisations dealing with historical formations of a similar nature to the HSF of previous eras.

We are reluctant to endorse campaigns or advertisers but do seek to advise HSF Veterans on where they might acquire military memorabelia and veteran regalia, tailoring, items of uniform or medals. The HSFA takes no responsibility for any resulting standards of service or supply. Nevertheless, we are keen to receive personal feedback or recommendations as appropriate.
We do not encourage connections to agencies dealing in weapons of any kind, however historical recollection and comment is considered prt of the scene.

Relevant UK MOD websites are also mentioned.

Websites recording parliamentary decisions and the quotes of contemporary key figures are included.

All recommended hyperlinks will be checked before publication, and/or subsequently withdrawn, if falling below the standards of decency.